Hungry Heroes is a hand-drawn hero-defense action-strategy game for iOS and Android!

Unleash your Hero’s powerful spells and abilities to stop waves of greedy monsters from stealing your dinner in a colorful, vibrant, and entirely hand-illustrated world. From the grass to the monsters, every pixel was hand-drawn with pastel on sandpaper, then scanned into the game and animated!

The first 10 levels of the adventure are free to play! One purchase will unlock the entire adventure, including all future content! A new hero, new abilities, new monsters, new levels, and tough new bosses are on their way!

Available on iOS now!

(Android coming soon!)

Available on iOS now!


map_lvl1 wiz_3

 girl_4 hh_girl_1

  art_layout_1 artist at work


Dino Development is a small independent game development studio

based in San Diego, California.

President: Dog

Art: Mom

Programming: Human